Twenty-Six Spins #3: J is for Spooky


Oooo! Time for some creepy stuff. With J usually sporting a generous tail and potential for serifs on the head, I moved away from Casper and thought some crooked, sinister trees would make for a decent response. It was also a nice excuse to return to the speedy, atmospheric drawings I got quite into last year.

I originally went for two adjacent trees, roots interwoven and branches weathered into a J shape, but later tore the tail tree down. Then, of course, came the surfeit of Photoshop effects:

The deep blue is quite nice, but I think the textures are enough, so ultimately I’ve chosen to stick with black-and-white. Let’s hope tomorrow’s spin is less spooky! There are actually fifty-two spins, aren’t there, since I spin two wheels each day… oh well!

    • Jacob said:



    • Jacob said:

      Thanks again! It turned out quite well, I think it’s my favourite so far. πŸ™‚


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