Quick Dusting

On an unseasonably warm winter afternoon, here’s a quick sketch of some snow-capped conifers. I would say it’s like a half-finished Christmas card, but that would be an obscene suggestion to make in January so I shan’t do it. There’s really not much more to say in terms of rationale, but I will say that trees are good. I like trees. Hopefully, you’ll appreciate this little wintry blast. I’m off to change into shorts and T-shirt.

Whilst looking through some old school exercise books recently, I found a set of haikus about the seasons. Here’s what I came up with for winter:

Winter time, snow, ice
Evergreen trees standing strong
High above the rest

That’s better than I could do now.

    • Jacob said:

      Aha! We haven’t had any snow as yet, but there’s still time…

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      • memadtwo said:

        Plenty of it. We always get the most snow in February.

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      • Jacob said:

        Yes, we often get some towards the end of February – it starts to warm up, then winter comes back with a vengeance for a few days.

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    • Jacob said:

      Yes, I did think I could just add a sledge or some people having a snowball fight and have it in the bag already. I’d miss the mad rush in December though 😄


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